ZTerrain 2.0 in progress
24 August 2006, 16:40 (10 Comments)
I'm currently working on ZTerrain 2.0. It will have random heightmap generator and lightmap raytracing among other new features. Also the source code will be released (finally) under GPL, so stay tuned ;).

ZDoom 2.0.99x
4 May 2006, 18:49 (14 Comments)
I've decided to base this release on ZDoom 2.0.99 (whose source code is available in a svn repository) because it contains a lot of bugfixes and is overall better than 2.0.98.

You can download first build here.

EDIT: Updated to 2.0.99 revision 78.
EDIT: Updated to revision 79.
EDIT: Updated to revision 83.

ZDoom 2.0.98x
14 April 2006, 06:40 (8 Comments)
As a successor of ZDoom 2.0.96x, you would expect ZDoom 2.0.98x to be another community build, wouldn't you? But the reality is different. There is other ZDoom-based port with the same (or very similar) purpose .96x had - GZDoom - you can find most recent bugfixes and engine additions in it.

What you can expect from .98x (and following versions)? It will be a package of my implemented ideas on how to improve ZDoom. If you like them, use them, if you don't like them, don't use them and shut up. You won't find any bugfixes in it (unless it's for my stuff). So it can be pretty much considered GrbZDoom...again. Back to the roots ;)

Hopefully I will release first version soon, but right now I'm busy with school final exams :x.

Nem's Terrain Generator
18 September 2005, 18:50 (0 Comments)
Added link to Nem's Terrain Generator to the ZTerrain page (thx to chaoscentral for posting that link).

Little update
17 August 2005, 07:46 (0 Comments)
I've added info & download for ZDoom 2.0.96x and some of my small wads. I've also kinda reformatted menu ;).

Added ZTerrain
7 July 2005, 11:50 (1 Comment)
Look at menu on left.

There's info & small help for ZTerrain, as well as latest version download.

Site opened
6 July 2005, 16:08 (5 Comments)
Welcome to GrubberSoft, my (Grubber's) page created to hold info about my various programming/Dooming/other projects. It's still a little bit empty, but I will add ZTerrain, ZDoom .96x and some minor stuff soon.

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